Spain and Plazas Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Some of my first wanderings in Alicante involved happening upon another plaza on nearly every new street I explored. There was a plaza with a pagoda bar in the center, a plaza with an aquarium, a plaza filled with palm trees, another with lit water jets splashing up from the ground, and plenty with small … More Spain and Plazas Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I Say ToMAYto, You Say ToMAHto

Walking down La Explanada, there’s no shortage of restaurants trying to entice tourists with promises of authentic Spanish cuisine – particularly paella. In Alicante, many visitors look for the famous dish around dinnertime. The locals, however, have clued me in – any restaurant advertising paella for dinner is definitely for guiris – it’s a tourist trap and … More I Say ToMAYto, You Say ToMAHto

Sightseeing in Berlin

  Daniel and I did manage to visit a few of the more famous attractions in Berlin. Here are some photos from the tourist circuit! Walking around Berlin. Daniel at the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall. Berlin Cathedral. Photo courtesy of Daniel Weltz. Brandenburg Gate at the end of Unter den Linden. Brandenburg … More Sightseeing in Berlin

A Night Out in Berlin

One take away from Berlin – Germans know how to eat, drink, and party! Daniel and I chowed down at Lonely Planet-recommended Max und Moritz in Kreuzberg, and we decided that their house beer, Kreuzberger Molle, was a new favorite. Dan ordered Hoppel-Poppel, “a typical German Breakfast omelette with potato, onion, bacon and smoked pork”, and I devoured … More A Night Out in Berlin