I Say ToMAYto, You Say ToMAHto

Walking down La Explanada, there’s no shortage of restaurants trying to entice tourists with promises of authentic Spanish cuisine – particularly paella. In Alicante, many visitors look for the famous dish around dinnertime. The locals, however, have clued me in – any restaurant advertising paella for dinner is definitely for guiris – it’s a tourist trap and … More I Say ToMAYto, You Say ToMAHto

I Forgot About The Super Bowl, And Other Milestones

The news is on, and the reporter starts talking about the exorbitant ad prices for … the Super Bowl! I hear more about whether or not Real Madrid won their last fútbol game than any news about American football, so I’m surprised to realize that one of the United States’ most cherished sporting events is … More I Forgot About The Super Bowl, And Other Milestones

On Becoming Bilingual

So far, I’ve spoken English to someone who speaks French and Spanish, Spanish to someone who speaks English and German, and mixed Spanish words and grammar into English sentences. I have both given and received quizzical looks over misunderstandings and had some comical moments while transforming my innocent, academic vocabulary into slang- and lisp-filled Spain-Spanish. … More On Becoming Bilingual

Sights in Valencia

About two weeks ago, my study abroad program packed our fifty-ish students into a bus and shuttled us to Valencia for the day. We had a guide and a schedule, which resulted in a lot of walking around and seeing things but not very much interaction with the city. To that end, I have more … More Sights in Valencia