Thank You For The Sunsets

I’ve fallen in love with sitting on the harbor’s floating dock and watching the brilliant sun fall into the sea. Every evening, the world seems to stand still in a moment of serenity as the sky over the Mediterranean becomes a glorious piece of art. I’ve come to watch in anticipation for the pink streaks in the sky, and I sometimes eye the clock until I tell my host mom that I need to go for a walk, or paseo, so that I can catch the sun sinking into the horizon – el atardecer.

julie_alicante_1Photo courtesy of Julie Perri.

More than just stunning visuals, the sunsets mean a change of pace for me. I’ve escaped the never ending problem sets and projects of my engineering program and the responsibilities of time-consuming extracurricular leadership positions. Instead of dashing from meeting to meeting and pounding away at my work into the early hours of the morning, I stop to breathe a little more often here. In Alicante, I don’t let my to-do lists whisk me along for the ride. I’ve left the perpetual rush and stress of the US behind – in Spain, I make time for the sunsets.


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