Sights in Valencia

About two weeks ago, my study abroad program packed our fifty-ish students into a bus and shuttled us to Valencia for the day. We had a guide and a schedule, which resulted in a lot of walking around and seeing things but not very much interaction with the city. To that end, I have more visuals than words to share about the trip.


Wandering the narrow streets.

CIMG7364One of many plazas.

CIMG7356La ciudad de las artes y las ciencias – pictured here are L’Hemisféric (a planetarium) and the Palau de les Arts (an opera house and cultural center).


A young girl feeds the pigeons outside the Mercado Central.


Spain (particularly Valencia) is one of Europe’s largest orange exporters. Besides the oranges being sold in the market here, there are orange trees in the plazas around the city! (Unfortunately the ones around the city are the kind used for marmalade, i.e. bitter, and not ideal for snacking on. Better off buying the sweet kind.)

CIMG7376 CIMG7377

Seafood is big part of the Mediterranean costal diet!


It’s not uncommon to see entire legs of jamón in a Spanish family’s kitchen.


In comparison to the US, where buying everything from one vendor at a one-stop super-store is the norm, going shopping in Spain (especially in a market like this) means more visits to specialty shops/booths.

[Begin edit]

horchataIn Valencia, the horchata is made from chufa, or tiger nuts, whereas horchata in Latin America is made from rice, corn, or other seeds. Both are sweet and delicious! Photo courtesy of Mason Wordell.

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CIMG7403And lastly, the Valencian Cathedral is a perfect example of the incredible level of detail found on the buildings’ exteriors.

The trip was a nice look at the city from the outside, but I’m looking forward to returning for a festival called “Las Fallas” in March. Hasta luego, Valencia!


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