Street Art in Berlin

With temperatures in Berlin at about negative nine degrees Celsius and the first couple hours of the walking tour behind us, Daniel was convinced that his toes had already fallen off. Luckily, the bright paint dancing across city walls distracted us a bit from the cold. We did capitalize on the lunch break to make a … More Street Art in Berlin

I Forgot About The Super Bowl, And Other Milestones

The news is on, and the reporter starts talking about the exorbitant ad prices for … the Super Bowl! I hear more about whether or not Real Madrid won their last fútbol game than any news about American football, so I’m surprised to realize that one of the United States’ most cherished sporting events is … More I Forgot About The Super Bowl, And Other Milestones

On Becoming Bilingual

So far, I’ve spoken English to someone who speaks French and Spanish, Spanish to someone who speaks English and German, and mixed Spanish words and grammar into English sentences. I have both given and received quizzical looks over misunderstandings and had some comical moments while transforming my innocent, academic vocabulary into slang- and lisp-filled Spain-Spanish. … More On Becoming Bilingual

Redwoods and a Haiku

It was so rainy. The trees were magnificent. Was worth getting soaked.   [Photos of Big Basin Redwoods State Park from an excursion during a brief San Francisco trip. Yes, that last photo contains the debut of a Waldo hat.]

I never thought I’d say it, but I actually appreciate the mosquitoes back home

I have despised mosquitoes for as long as I can remember, and when I find myself on mosquito hunting grounds at dusk, I tend to curse loudly about my sweet blood and leap about like a fool trying to get away from them. However, the mosquitoes that plague me with itchy welts every summer on … More I never thought I’d say it, but I actually appreciate the mosquitoes back home

Learning to Fly

I’m free in three dimensions and weightless, and I can barely believe I’m not dreaming. Looking up, the wrinkled sun shimmers and winks through my ascending bubbles. I swim, clumsy in the dense water and unused to controlling my buoyancy. I have a buddy for safety, but even so, the dive is a surprisingly solitary experience. Despite checking … More Learning to Fly

Black Lake, Montenegro

We had been roaming the countryside on a day-long road trip around Montenegro, and we were at our last stop before heading back to our hostel in Kotor. The weather, gorgeous since sunrise, was starting to turn, and low, gray clouds began to taunt us. Nevertheless, we parked and walked along a quiet forest road toward our destination, alone except for the … More Black Lake, Montenegro